NEW LIVE  LTD VINYL ALBUM from     NICK SIMPER & NASTY HABITS                      "LIVE AN' NASTY"  is in the pipeline !!!!

  It´s the first album with our new lead vocalist  Attila Scholtz and will be released    between April and May 2018.

             The songs are a mix from tracks of the " De La Frog Conspiracy" album and Deep Purple Mark 1 songs. 

                  The vinyl album is exclusively available on our homepage . 


Brand new studioalbum from NICK SIMPER & NASTY HABITS  " De La Frog Conspiracy " is out now, with 11 new tracks.

Signed copies from Nick Simper for 15.- Euro  only here avaible. Send a email to

This is Nick Simper´s first studioalbum since 18 Years !